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Leading?E-commerece?Service Provider-Combining , Branding Marketing & Sales
Our Service
Leading?E-commerece?Service High Quality Services Involving Whole-chain E-commerce Business

  • Brand Management

  • E-commerce Marketing

  • Sales and Operation

  • Warehousing and Logistics

  • Purchasing and
    Goods Transportation

  • Post- services
  • Core Advantages
    Core Advantages Create One-stop E-commerce Service for International Brands with Nine Core Advantages

  • Excellent
    Visual Marketing Team

  • Leading
    E-commerce Operation Capability

  • Mature
    Recruitment System

  • Rich Experience in
    Purchasing and Sales Management

  • Close Relationship
    with Online Marketplaces

  • Technology System
    to Ensure Seamless Connection

  • Warehouses Across China
    with Higher Efficiency and Lower Cost

  • Over 7 Million Members
    and 500,000 VIP

  • Leading
    Cross-border Solutions Provider
  • Milestones
    Top 100 Most Creative
    Chinese Business Figures
    in 2016

    CEO, JiPan, was awarded as Top 100 Most Creative Chinese Business Figures in 2016 by Fast Company Magazine. After successfully incubating E-commerce company, CEO started a food social platform, which showed his great capability and innovation in incubating business.
    YiJi—E-commerce Service
    Provider Integrating Branding,
    Operation and Sales
    IWSHANG, a professional E-commerce New Media Platform, says, in the opinion of CEO of YiJi, the double 11 Event in 2016 is the watershed. In future years, you will see that you can’t push the sales just with discount and price fight. What you need is better digital marketing online. And then purely digital marketing is still not enough. At this time you will need to have more professional brand building online.
    Renamed Notice

    In April 5th, 2016, YiJi, which was Guangzhou YiJi Network Co.,Ltd, was renamed Guangdong YiJi Network Co.,Ltd.
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